Big Game Fishing News Categories

BIG GAME FISHING – Inside big game fishing news find the latest applications & use of saltwater fishing tackle. Here we have tips, photos, and videos about fishing tackle. Additionally, hot fishing destinations & amazing fishing stories from anglers wordwide.  Discover the latest trends in fishing techniques.  Finally gear from top big game anglers & charter boat captains including  grander tackle.
DRONE FISHING TECH – Drone Fishing news & guide for recreational & professional anglers pursuing saltwater gamefish using the latest fishing drone technology. Therefore beginner to experienced fisherman, drones offer cutting-edge fishing techniques that open the door to a whole new world of opportunity.  Hence, find amazing drone fishing tackle, accessories, & high-tech fishing electronics.
FISHING LURES & JIGS – Saltwater Fishing lures and jigs tackle guide for professional and recreational anglers. For big game anglers fishing lures are a weapon of choice. Guide for saltwater anglers who troll for gamefish using big game lures or jigs.  Here we cover innovative big game fishing lures, the latest ideas and usage of saltwater Jigs and related accessories.
GAME FISHING TACKLE – Fishing tackle news & guide for professional & recreational anglers pursuing saltwater game fishing. Here we have the latest fishing tackle products & their applications from manufacturers around the world. We highlight top brands in fishing hooks & rigs, lines & leaders, reels & rods, terminal tackle.  In addition, we cover fishing tools & knives & fishing accessories.
KAYAK FISHING & PWC  – Fishing tackle news & guide for anglers pursuing saltwater gamefish in kayaks or personal water-crafts.  As a result, Kayaks are effective fishing platforms due to their stealth-like nature. Therefore, this section covers the evolution of personal watercraft fishing & equipment. In conclusion, we explore the latest in personal water-craft tackle and related accessories.